Kingscliff Beach House

The subject site is part of a recent subdivision on the NSW coast which is only metres away from the shoreline. The location is stunning. The houses that are popping up at an extraordinary rate are generally massive homes which swallow their sites and give little privacy to and from their neighbours. Our response to this was to design a series of gardens that break the block of built form and allow light and air into the inner most spaces of the house. There is garden at the front in keeping with the pattern of the streetscape, and the fa├žade is unassuming. It is once you enter the oversized front door that the house opens up to the outside. You are greeted with views to an inner courtyard providing fresh air and shading in the hotter months. It offers a view from all sides, and access from the kitchen. The roof folds to form not only a high window but a barrier to the views of the neighbour. A roof garden has been implemented to help with insulation and minimize glare from the roof allowing an aesthetically pleasing view form the master bedroom. The upper floor has been setback from the fence line unlike its neighbours to allow the house and occupants to breathe.

Kingscliff Beach HouseKingscliff Beach HouseKingscliff Beach HouseKingscliff Beach HouseKingscliff Beach HouseKingscliff Beach House
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