Kew Townhouse

The design for the proposed new 2 bedroom apartment in Kew has come from the site on which it sits. The natural land falls to the north. The roof opens up in the same direction to get views into the gully and to take advantage of the northern light. It sits in the same line and rises to the same height to respond to the existing block of apartments on site. The building itself is to take advantage of design principles for energy efficiency in that it has been orientated to take advantage of solar gain in winter and limit the heat impact in summer. North facing windows and limited openings to the west provide this. This will save on energy and no mechanical air conditioning will be required. Further to this the building has been designed with operable windows in each façade at low and high levels in order to take advantage of cross ventilation. Gardens have been introduced and landscaping on the façade to soften the hard edge of the built form. Water tanks have been provided for grey water and for watering gardens. The bulk of the building has been broken up with overhangs and façade treatments. Balconies create shadows and windows are positioned and sized to frame views of the gardens.

Kew HouseKew HouseKew HouseKew HouseKew HouseKew HouseKew HouseKew House
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