Indian Grocer

The developers of the Tarneit shopping centre engaged us to design a fit out for the Indian Grocer tenants. Given the myriad of packaging colours/ textures we felt it best to design a bold and simple framework to visually bring together the business of the product labels. The banner of bright coloured elephants form a backdrop to rows of simple and sturdy shelving, and timber lines the walls to give a rustic feel. The black ceiling and pendant lights delivers a moody light as opposed to the brightly lit fluorescents often found in this type of shop, giving a quality experience for customers. As you can see from the 3d perspectives, some cost savings were made between tenancy builder and tenant. We do like to be a part of cost efficiencies so that we can push hard to deliver the original concept by thinking out of the box and therefore meeting the clients expectations.

Indian GrocerIndian GrocerIndian GrocerIndian GrocerIndian GrocerIndian Grocer
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