Greenstar Rated Mcdonald's Restaurant

Timmins+Whyte were proud to be part of a Geenstar rated McDonald’s restaurant (2011) which forms the platform for green buildings for the company in future. Greenstar has rigourous testing and goals to achieve. The building has various elements that achieve the rating of 4 stars. Low VOC paint was used including stains and varnishes. The timber used came with a Chain of Custody (COC) to assure it comes from managed sources along with the ecoply used in the furniture and internal screens all of which have a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification which is an international certification scheme. The building used some recycled steel and the specified floor tiles contained recycled computer screens. Water tanks and recycled water was contained and used to both flush toilets and water the drought resistant landscaping on site. Water capture and recycling and the use of rainwater gardens is something that the McDOnalds and Timmins+Whyte have been implementing on most new stores we have worked on since at least 2002.

Greenstar Rated Mcdonald's RestaurantGreenstar Rated Mcdonald's RestaurantGreenstar Rated Mcdonald's Restaurant
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